Communion and Coffee

There are several important changes which will be taking place in the way we worship and gather beginning Sunday, July 4, 2021. These changes are the result of state guidance, the continued expansion of persons being vaccinated, and the decrease in positive COVID-19 tests.

First, Communion will be once more served at the front of the Sanctuary. Individual communion kits will continue to remain available at the back of the Sanctuary for anyone who chooses to not come forward but remain in their chair. Anyone with mobility limitations who would like to be served at their chair are asked to make this request to one of the ushers. 

As we have in the past, our ushers will direct you when to leave your chair, walk to the sanctuary parameter wall and then proceed forward.  Please make use of the hand sanitizer dispenser prior to approaching the servers.

Pastor(s) or servers will place the host into your extended open hand. A second server will extend a communion tray from which you are asked to take a cup of wine or juice. Baskets will be located nearby for you to place your empty communion cup. You may lower you mask at any point to eat the meal; remember to replace your mask once you have finished.

Following communion you will return to your chair via the center aisle of the Sanctuary.

As we take these long-awaited steps of returning to a practice so dear to us, remember: safe distancing, good hygiene practices, and the wearing of masks will continue until further guidance is provided by our state Department of Health.

Second, coffee-and-tea fellowship following Sunday morning worship services. A coffee-and-tea time of fellowship will once more be available following both of our Sunday services. 

Drinks will be available in the Life Together Hall. When the weather is welcoming, you are encouraged to get yourself something to drink, and then join the conversation and fellowship in our beautiful patio/garden area where you are free to remove your mask.

On Sundays when the weather is a bit too wet, standing tables will be set up in the Life Together Hall to allow places for you to gather, hold conversations and maintain safe distance. On weather limited Sundays, mask requirements will be relaxed in the Life Together Hall, all doors will remain open.

As soon as our state guidance indicates that it is no longer necessary for us to apply spray disinfectant to the Gathering Space and sanctuary between services, we will return to our coffee-and-tea fellowship in the Gathering Space.

Communion at Serving Stations: To commence Sunday, July 4, 2021. Following are specific details and practices

1.  There will be two serving stations at the front of the sanctuary. Worshipers are directed by ushers to proceed forward along the outside (wall) aisles .  Ushers will encourage worshipers to maintain a six-foot distance, and to not “load up the aisle” while waiting to walk forward.  Worshipers will proceed up the wall aisles to the serving stations then return to their chairs via the center aisle.

2.  Hand sanitizing stations will be at both wall aisles near the first row of chairs on each side. Additional hand sanitizer dispensers will also be stationed at the communion table for the pastor(s) and communion assistants.

3.  Ushers, servers, pastors and worshipers will all wear masks. The only time a mask would be lowered is to consume the elements. This can change when the state guidance for masking in worship settings is lifted.

4.  Communion will be set up at the chancel altar. After the Pastor(s) and communion assistants have shared and received communion, they will move the meal and their serving vessels to the central table located at the base of the stairs.

5.  Servers and pastors will wear gloves.

6.  Pastor(s) and/or servers will place the host into the open hand of the communicant.

7.  The communion trays will be staged with an empty space around each individual disposable communion cup.  Servers will extend the tray to the communicant. The communicant will select and take their own cup.

8.  Baskets will be stationed alongside the servers for the placement of the used communion cups.

9.  Once all have had invitation and opportunity to share in the meal, the Pastor(s) and assistants will return the remaining elements to the chancel altar. The service continues.

Coffee and Tea fellowship following services.  To commence Sunday, July 4, 2021. Following are specific details and practices:

1.  A Coffee and Tea fellowship will be available for the community following each of the Sunday morning worship services.

2.  This fellowship will occur in the Life Together Hall. 

3.  Participants will be encouraged to step out into the patio/garden area for fellowship and conversation once they have received their drink(s). Masks will not be required to be worn outside.

4.  Participants will be discouraged from congregating and visiting within the Life Together Hall except for on those Sundays when weather restricts outside usage. On these occasions, “standing tables” will be set up in the Life Together Hall to promote safe distancing while allowing the opportunity for safe fellowship.  Mask requirements will be relaxed on this inclement weather Sundays.  All doors will be opened to encourage good air exchange.

5.  Coffee, hot water, other beverages will be pre-poured by servers.  Servers will wear gloves.  Servers will dispense creamer/sugar/sweetener/tea bags as requested.

6.  When it is no longer deemed necessary to spray disinfect the sanctuary between worship services, a return to the traditional place of coffee fellowship (Gathering Space) will occur.