The Freedom of a Christian

Wednesday Evening Adult Education for October/November

7:00 p.m. • Wednesday evenings • Zoom meeting
10/7 + 10/14 + 10/21 + 10/28 + 11/4 + 11/11 + 11/18

Pastors Bri, Mike, and Kim will be leading a seven-week study series on The Freedom of a Christian, an essential treatise written by Martin Luther. The study has been offered to churches as part of the ELCA’s celebration of the treatise’s 500 year publication anniversary. It’s one key part of Luther’s major theological writings.

The treatise is available at online at

(You will want to download the treatise ahead of time so that you can begin wrestling with this powerful teaching. The download includes the treatise as well as the letter Luther wrote to Pope Leo X in an attempt to explain and defend his theological perspective on the gospel of Jesus Christ.)

A key moment occurs in the treatise as Luther addresses this paradox:
The Christian person is a completely free lord of all, subject to none.
The Christian person is a completely dutiful servant of all, subject to all.

Luther says of his treatise on Christian freedom, that it contains a summary of the whole Christian life, if you understand its meaning. Please join us for an extended conversation on this essential writing.

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