The Forgotten Luther

ADULT EDUCATION • Wednesday evenings

“The Forgotten Luther” with Pastor Paul Wee

Epiphany means “manifestation,” a surprising, unexpected moment, a burst of light that illuminates the darkness. It recalls the star of Bethlehem and the visit of the three wise men, the Magi, to see the infant Jesus. Epiphany in the Western church begins on Wednesday, January 6 and continues to Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

Epiphany is a time to “open our eyes and ears” to grasp the meaning of those special moments in life that are unexpected, that catch us off guard, take us by surprise, and sometimes leave us breathless. These moments can be small and personal, like a baby discovered alive two weeks after an earthquake. They can be large and globally significant, like the fall of the Berlin Wall. In every case, such moments, or epiphanies, disclose something—about the world, about ourselves and perhaps also about God. The question for us is this: Can we see, hear, and be grasped by their meaning?

The first five Wednesdays of Epiphany 2021 will look at five “epiphanies” of the Reformation. They came in moments of insight to Martin Luther.  They might come as a surprise to us as well.

7:00 p.m. via Zoom

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Wednesdays  1/6 + 1/13 + 1/20 + 1/20 + 1/27 + 2/3

· Martin Luther’s War on Poverty: The Common Chest

· Empowering the Common People: The Role of Youth and Women

· Reclaiming the Church’s Public Witness: The Political Role of the Church

· The Subversive Luther: When Do We “Obey God Rather Than Men”?

· Reclaiming the Vision of World Community: Luther and the Global Mission of the Church


Pastor Wee will be using two books he edited as departure points for our explorations. You can order these two books from your favorite bookseller, but the best price you will find right now is if you order directly from Augsburg Fortress

► Order The Forgotten Luther: Reclaiming the Social-Economic Dimension of the Reformation, edited by Carter Lindberg and Paul Wee HERE.

► Order The Forgotten Luther II: Reclaiming the Church’s Public Witness, edited by Ryan P. Cumming and Paul Wee HERE.

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