Pictured above: MVLC Honey Doers replace the soffit on the Education Building.

2017 Highlights

2017 has been a busy year! We continued to move into the new Administrative/Fellowship Building and Gathering Space; we explored new ways to reach out to our neighbors and invite them into our midst via the GO Team, celebrated the retirement of long-time Parish Worker, Lynn Wadnizak, after 13 years of faithful service; welcomed Annie Munn as Parish Worker; hired a full-time custodian to support the large number activities across the campus; supported Seth Hecox as our Pastoral Intern (in addition to his existing role as Director of Family Discipleship); all the while contributing over $170,000 in Benevolence to ministries locally, nationally, and globally. These ministries help care for hungry, sick, and homeless; spreading the Gospel through action and message!

All of these ministry and mission activities are only possible through your generous support of the Mountain View Lutheran Church General Fund! Thank you for your continued faithfulness!

We Need You!

As we move into the last quarter of 2017 it is important maintain this support, so that we can start our ministry together in 2018 on a solid footing. I invite you to join us for Adult Education on Sunday 08 October 2017 to view the preview of the 2018 Spending Guideline, and learn more about how we plan to support God’s work through Mountain View in the New Year! One thing that you will notice during the preview is that while giving has remained fairly stable, it has not grown. Our General Fund Reserves have decreased steadily over the past several years, and are currently at an all-time low. We are currently trending about $10,000 higher than giving in 2016 and 97% of expected giving levels year-to-date, but that only represents about 1.5% increase. November and December tend to be strong giving months, but we have had some lower than expected giving in past Decembers. We ask that you prayerfully review your giving-to-date and consider how you and your family might respond.

End of Year 2017 Giving Opportunities

We also want you to know about two unique ways that you can give that may help you save on income tax, while supporting the Ministry & Mission of Mountain View Lutheran Church:

Donating Appreciated Stock via direct transfer to MVLC’s Brokerage Account
You are able to receive credit for the full value of the stock donated, without having to pay any capital gains tax!

Age 70½+ donating via direct distribution from your IRA custodian to Mountain View Lutheran Church
If you are age 70 ½ or better, you can contribute up to $100,000 to a 501c3 (e.g. your church and other charities) without having to claim any of the distribution as taxable income.

For more information on how to utilize these two options, please contact Church Administrator, Phil Edlund, at the church office at (253) 863-5171 ext. 104, or via email at pedlund@mtivewlutheran.org.

Opportunities to Serve Abound!

Thank you to all who served in various volunteer capacities this summer! It has been another busy summer around the Mountain View Campus! The rebuild of the Chapel West Entry is complete, and the Honey Doers are busy working on the soffit replacement around the classroom portion of the Education Building. We welcomed several hundred families to our campus at the Back to School event, and met with a new candidate for Music Director.

Now that Fall is upon us, we have some additional opportunities to welcome the stranger, serve our neighbors, and grow in our faith! This year, in particular, we saw a record number of memorial services and funerals. Our Women of the ELCA (WELCA) serving committee continues to do an excellent job setting up for the receptions and providing hospitality to the grieving families and friends, but they could use additional helpers! We have a first class facility to prepare and serve at receptions, but we could use additional people to help during the actual reception. Now that we have a pass-through dish machine, we are no longer using paper plates and cups during receptions. The new dish machine allows the user to simply slide the trays from the pre-rinse sink right across the counter, without having to bend and/or lift the tray. This also helps us be good stewards of our environment, by reducing the amount of garbage heading to the landfill. We also have three other exciting service opportunities. See below for additional details on each.

Contact Church Administrator, Phil Edlund, if you would like additional information or are interested in serving in one or more of these areas!


Volunteer Role #1: Reception Helper – (multiple people needed!)
Ideal Person: Newly retired, stay at home parents, youth (during summer and on weekends), people who work evening or night shift
Time Commitment: 2 to 3 hours during each reception
Frequency: 0 to 3 times per month (let us know your availability)
Time of Day: varies – typically weekdays during mid-morning or afternoon, occasionally on a weekend (let us know your availability)
Typical Activity: Assist Serving Committee with setting up and serving at receptions, replenish plates and cups at the serving tables, and run dishes through the dish machine throughout the reception.


Volunteer Role #2: Sound Operator – Training Provided!
Ideal Person: High school youth, or anyone who is interested in learning more about sound.
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per service.
Frequency: 2 to 3 times per month (let us know your availability).
Time of Day: 7:55am to 9:25am or 10:25am to 11:55am on Sundays, and or during Memorial Services/Funerals as needed.
Typical Activity:

  • Arrive before the worship service, with time to ensure that all sound components are powered on and tested for proper operation.
  • Mute/unmute microphones and adjust levels as needed.
  • Record the sermon at assigned worship services and save edited copy for church website (staff will upload to the website).
  • Shut down and secure audio equipment at the end of each service.


Volunteer Role #3: Property Committee Member
Ideal Person:

  • Someone who enjoys the planning and organizing aspects of facilities maintenance and occasionally getting involved in physical care of the campus.
  • Someone who is interested in learning more about maintaining large scale facilities.

Time Commitment: 2 hours per month.
Frequency: 10-11 times per year.
Time of Day: Currently meets at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month in the Library.

Typical Activity: Reviewing and assessing the buildings and grounds, reviewing proposals for maintenance, repairs, and improvements, organizing annual clean-up/spruce-up work-parties around Easter and Fall, working with the Church Administrator to develop long-range proposals for major capital improvements and replacements.