Lent & Rock Ministry

Lent Discipleship Kits

Rock Ministry children and youth received Lent Kits (pictured) this week.

  • Families with young children received a mid-week Lent devotional and new items for their @home altars.
  • Middle Rock youth received materials for weekly online gatherings, including charcoal for charcoal art that Ken Swanson will be teaching them as we begin Lent.
  • High school youth received a Discipleship Box: each item they take out has a devotional or spiritual practice to try.

Thanks to the delivery team for getting out these kits despite the looming snow!


Lenten Devotions for Rock Ministry

Rock Ministry continues to reimagine how to stay connected to the children, youth, and families of MVLC.

Here are digital versions of some of the Rock Ministry items that are making their ways into homes.

Even if you don’t have kids in Rock Ministry, you are invited to use these materials, especially the soup recipes.

► View the “We Come to the Hungry Feast” Lenten devotional for elementary kids HERE.

► View the Lenten soup recipes HERE.

► View the Middle Rock Lent Challenge HERE.

► View the various “Mt. View Epistles” (2020) and “Rock Ministry Lessons” (2021) HERE.