Texts from the Empty Tomb • 04/27/2020

MVLC Church Council Member Bob Linden’s devotion, “All Things New,” for Monday, April 27.

Isaiah 65:17-18

For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth: the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating; for I am about to create Jerusalem as a joy, and its people as a delight.


You Make All Things New by Stephen Curtis Chapman. Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhpQN9JXNXA


I rose from bed and had my first cup of coffee before 5am.  Several minutes later as I sat in the morning silence, I began to hear the sounds of tens of birds heralding in the first light of day. As I watched daybreak from our living room window, I was reminded of God’s amazing new creations. I began to notice that yesterday’s tree buds had become fledging leaves, the grass was a darker shade of green following the overnight rain, and the air had been washed clean of the floating tree pollen. Thoughts of the previous day began to disappear as I focused on this new day before me now.  Without me realizing, God was “making all things new” before my very eyes. He was giving me yet another opportunity to serve Him this new day.

In Mark’s Easter account, the women arrived at His tomb at first light. They came with heavy hearts after witnessing Jesus’ death on the cross just two days earlier. They expected to find His body there in the darkness of the tomb and had brought the spices and ointments necessary to anoint Him. But when the women arrived at the tomb, they found the stone rolled away and a young man in a white robe sitting to their right. This Jesus they had seen crucified was not there as the women expected. He was risen. They looked where His body used to be. Christ, who was once dead, was now alive.  He had made all things new. He was indeed the resurrected Lord and His own new creation. The women ran back to the disciples to express their joy in learning Christ had journeyed from death to life.

In the text from Isaiah that I chose for this devotion, the prophet provides a vision of God’s new creation for the children of Israel. Their days of destruction and exile would end and eventually be forgotten. He would create new heavens and a new earth. Their sorrows and tears would be transformed into joy and delight. Their hope was in knowing He would make all things new.

During these past few weeks of staying at home during the pandemic, God continues to present us with constant reminders that he is “making all things new.” Such experiences as: the birth of daughter Suzanne to Pastors Kyle and Bri, Facetime sessions and phone calls to family and friends, a greater appreciation of the love and fellowship within the community of Christ at Mountain View, the development of new interests and projects we’ve thought about initiating for years, and maybe just learning to cook. These new life events help move us from the hurts and challenges of the past towards the new experiences God is presenting to us each and every day. It is this hope for the future that propels us forward as we live our lives in a world where true joy is sometimes lacking. We must never forget that God is constantly transforming us and all of creation, and that He truly “makes all things new.”


Heavenly Father, we know that you are the creator of this universe.  We know that you continue to transform and make all things new.  Change our lives as we daily move from death to life with Christ.  Comfort us in our times of sorrow and hurt and daily give us hope for our future.   Help us to experience the true joy of being in community and openly share the love we have for one another.    

Image: “Iceland,” photography by David Catelli, unsplash.com/photos/H3giJcTw__w, via Unsplash.