On Saturday, September 23, the first MVLC high school fellowship event of the 2017–2018 school year took place in the home of members.

The next morning, photographs of twelve youth holding their homemade pizza masterpieces showed up in the email inbox of the MVLC Communication Director, who assumed these must be images/icons of the 12 Apostles of Pizza Night, so he posted them to the MVLC Flickr page.

Pizza Night was a time of fellowship, prayer, make-your-own pizza making contest, eating of said pizza, and the “wacky topping” pizza contest. The latter event saw the creative use of items such as BBQ sauce, Oreo cookies, and ghost peppers. The ghost pepper pizza sent one of the tasting judges into a holy fervor and out of the task of judging.

All in all, the night was a great time and fun was had by all!

View photos of The 12 Apostles* of Pizza Night HERE.

*St. Pineapple; St. Smile; St. Basil Leaves; St. Bacon of Canada; St. Everything of All-Toppings; St. Sauce of BBQ; St. Pancetta; St. Pepperoni; St. Bell Pepper (pictured above); St. Black Olives; St. Mozzarella; and St. Vegetables.