Advent Midweek Worship

Advent midweek soup and bread dinner at 6:00 p.m. in the Life Together Hall.

Advent midweek worship at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

Advent Midweek Themes 2018
People of Prophecy and Promise

Prophecy in the Scriptures is often misunderstood as simply a reference to end times. In reality, prophetic speech in the Bible is a signal to pay attention because there is a revelation of God coming in our time—right now. The prophetic scriptures surrounding the season of Advent mark not just a one-time coming of God into our midst, but God’s continual coming and ongoing presence that will transform the status quo of our “now.”

In Advent, we wait for the one who comes to bring fulfillment to all prophecies and promises of the Lord our God. At the same time, his Spirit lives among us and in us, making us the daily servants of God’s prophetic vision for justice, peace and righteousness to reign as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We daily strive to live as people of prophecy and promise, living into the eternal now of God’s presence and promise among us.

Wednesday, December 5 • Prophetic Confrontation
Isaiah 2:1-10  +  John 3:17-21

Wednesday, December 12 • Prophetic Promise
Isaiah 41:14-20  +  John 6:35-40

Wednesday, December 19 • Prophetic Servants
Isaiah 42:1-9  +  John 14:8-14