Rock Ministry Lessons

We have a new type of weekly family devotions for Winter and Spring 2021. We’re drawing on the Godly Play materials our children typically use on Sunday mornings at church. The lessons are set up so that your family has everything you need to go through them together—without hassle!

Godly Play is a Montessori-based format of making Bible stories come alive for the children amongst us, from ages 2 through 95. We pray that you, as a family, can sit back and revel in the stories of the Bible as presented.

Stories will be mailed to Rock Ministry families each week (for age 2 through 4th grade). Stories will sometimes correlate with that Sunday’s scripture readings for church.

► Read “The Baptism of Jesus” (Mark 1:4-11) for 1/10 HERE.

► Read “The Story of Creation” (Genesis 1:1—2:3) for 1/17 HERE.

► Read “The Backwards Prophet” (Jonah 1—3) for 1/24 HERE.

► Read “Who Am I?” (Psalm 139) for 1/31 HERE.

► Read “We Come To the Hungry Feast” Lent 2021 Devotional HERE.

At-home Altars. We hope these items can serve as a small representation of being in church… Each week you are encouraged to set up the fabric, candle and cross as you read and wonder about the Bible story. The felt/fabric piece represents the color of the church season: green for the green and growing season, purple for Lent, black for Holy Week, white for the Easter season, and Red for Pentecost.

Mt. View Epistles

One of the challenges of the global pandemic is trying to connect to members of the congregation when we are trying to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in our community. For the past couple of months, Pastor Bri has been sending weekly mailings to the younger elementary students of Rock Ministry in order to keep them engaged with their faith community.

These mailings consist of an “Epistle” that is based upon a Bible passage and meant to be discussed with the student’s family. Each week also highlights a family of Rock Ministry and what they are doing during their time away from the other members of Rock Ministry.

You can read the Epistle portion of each mailing at the links below to see the passages and the questions that the Rock Ministry students and their families are discussing. Perhaps they may start a discussion in your own household!

► Read the “Epistle Intro” HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 09/20/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 09/27/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 10/04/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 10/11/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 10/18/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 10/25/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 11/01/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 11/08/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 11/15/2020 HERE.

► Read the Epistle for 11/22/2020 HERE.