You Can Help


Currently the Mountain View Community Center is providing around 190 weekend PowerPacks to students in both the Fife and Puyallup School districts. (That is about 1,700 food items a week!)

New in 2019, we have established a Food Pantry in E.B. Walker High School and are starting a Crock Pot program with 23 families in the Fife/Milton/Edgewood ECEAP program. We will provide each of these families with a crock pot and weekly ingredients to make a hearty soup. Look for more information about the crock pot program in the April newsletter and how you can help support this exciting new program.

Right now we are very low on some essentials for the PowerPacks. please consider purchasing some of these items and dropping them off in the bin outside of the Sanctuary or at the Community Center.

• “Kid-friendly” microwavable or “pop top” cans of soup.
• Peanut butter or cheese crackers.
• Granola bars.
• Individual packets of oatmeal.

Thank you for all that you do to support the Mountain View Community Center.